"Jab dekho Inturnet.
Jab dekho Facebook.
Jab dekho Tweeter.
Jab dekho YouTupe.
Kabhi internet ko saans tou lene dou, jaahil insaan."
- My Mum, on my excessive use of Internet. (via aqibrehman)

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Anonymous was like: what sites would you recommend a muslim that has little to no knowledge about Islam. just the basics. which sources should I trust. where can I get every information I need. I want to educate myself but in fear for reading the wrong stuff I am coming to you for correct information. thank you sister. 




Honestly, there isn’t a single website out there that I trust 100% so I wouldn’t redirect you to any specific ones. 

However, I can tell you to look for fatwas/answers from the follwoing scholars:

  • Ibn Uthaymeen
  • Ibn Baaz
  • Al Albani
  • Ibn Kathir (for Quran tafsir)
  • Al fawzaan 
  • Mufti menk 
  • Ibn Taymiyyah

(those are all I can think of at the moment)

Also, stick to evidences from the 4 main schools of thought (madhabs) and their imams.

Don’t believe anything until you see a fatwa from a known scholar about it, or a good verse/ hadith used as evidence in support of it. When you see a verse or hadith, look for a scholarly explanation of it to ensure you understand it properly. 

Always make sure the hadith is authenticated in Bukhari, Muslim, or Tirmithi. Or classed as saheeh by someone known like shaykh al Albani 

Keep in mind there are usually two sides to an opinion, so make sure you read the daleels (evidence) for both from two trusted scholars, and also to ask a shaykh or imam which opinion is stronger. 

Also, here are some useful links that may benefit you:

  • Quran Explorer complete with full Quran recitation and translation- You can pick the reciter and what verse/ surah you want to listen to
  • Hadith Explorer has the entire Bukhari, Muslim, Malik’s Muwatta, and Abu Dawud Hadith books where you can search by category. 
  • Duas.com is where you can find authentic duaas for almost any topic or occasion you may need. (Here’s a compilation of some of their duaas we should use daily) 
  • Detailed explanation on How To Pray with pictures, steps, and what to say 

Of course, if you need help with anything or want clarification, let me know and I’ll do my best :) 

Fatmeh can you expound further about which imams are trustworthy and such? This is something I would also like to know better.

You can’t really tell. I mean when I say ask an imam, I mean a local one. There are so many out there, there’s no specific ways of knowing. You just have to judge according to the scholars and books of hadith they refer to. I’d say that when you ask for a fatwa, present two opinions from two trusted scholars and see how they react to those scholars or whether they dismiss them entirely and give you a fatwa from another unknown scholar or not. 

Idk, its honestly just hard to tell. My family knows a good mufti from ottawa that people can call, I’ll try to get his number and post it and people can ask him questions. 

Nouman ali khan is great as well


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